Creativity in Education and Industry in Asia Pacific

Anna Harris’ ARC Future Fellowship (2017-2021) project examines the experiences of creative/cultural industries professionals as well as creative education scholars, across digital, technological, arts and science fields, as well as teacher-educators. The study investigates the compatibility of higher education training in creative skills, to meet current and future regional workplace demands.

Chief Investigator A/Professor Anna Harris and their team have been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane and Sydney for data collection in 2018-19. They will soon visit Melbourne and Indonesia to interview stakeholders in higher education, the arts and creative industries. The total multi-sited project encompasses 3 sites in Australia and 3 sites in Asia, and works across two phases – both conventional mixed methods, and applied creative methods.

To creatively extend the data, the team returns to each research site to collaborate with local actors to devise a verbatim performance drawn from the interview transcripts. Performing creativity education and industry in Hong Kongwas workshopped and publicly presented in March 2019 at the University of Hong Kong with very positive engagement from the research participants and audience.

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