Indigeneity, Identity and Survivance through ongoing Cultural Practices

This PhD project documents the ways in which Indigenous artists exercise self-determination in expressing identity through creative means. It explores the various ways in which Indigenous artists ‘speak back’ to destructive colonising processes by resisting ongoing forms of colonisation in contemporary everyday life.

The research is the basis for the creation of a graphic novel that explores these themes while also contributing to the survivance of the researcher’s own Wiradjuri identity and connection to culture through the examination of meaning-making and identity in ways that demonstrate the ongoing survivance, resurgence and modernity of Indigenous cultures.

It seeks to gain insights from legitimate primary sources of cultural practice by exploring the works of and consulting with Indigenous cultural practitioners. In doing so, the project considers the ways in which Indigenous peoples draw from their own cultural foundations, whilst reflecting and building on the ways this occurs through the practice of developing the research output, a graphic novel.