Revenge Pornography: The Implications for Law Reform project

The project is the first comprehensive, mixed-methods, interdisciplinary and cross-jurisdictional study of its kind. It empirically examines the prevalence, nature and impacts of image-based sexual abuse experienced by a diversity of adults in three key project sites: Australia, New Zealand and the UK. It also investigates civil and criminal justice responses in national and international contexts.

The aim of the project is to gather robust evidence and build a theoretical understanding of this phenomenon from which law reform can be developed.

This is achieved through the following methods: 75 semi-structured interviews with victim-survivors of image-based sexual abuse; 50 semi-structured interviews with stakeholders, including police, lawyers, policymakers, and sexual and domestic violence support services; three national online surveys with approximately 6,000 participants aged between 16-65 years; comprehensive analyses of legislative responses to image-based sexual abuse globally; and two roundtable events in London and Melbourne.