Talking Country

Talking Country’ is a 4-year project that includes partnerships with Aboriginal communities in Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Using a range of digital innovations such as geo-located audiovisual media, sound walks and audio trails, the project enables important cultural stories to be heard outdoors across sites of historical significance.

This is an initiative that offers the wider community and the corporate sector with valuable new ways to engage with First Nations people and places through a series of cultural walks. Working directly with traditional custodians, elders and young people, stories are recorded and layered over country allowing for deeply personal, immersive and experiential engagements with place.

The project offers opportunities to visit heritage sites across urban, rural and remote locations and fosters ways for people to acknowledge cultural diversity, and Indigenous rights and values.

Check out our YouTube channel to view some of the stories from cultural leaders around Australia that we plan to include on the project.



$254k ARC Linkage Project led by Olivia Guntarik

July 8, 2019

This project aims to investigate how media technologies can facilitate cross-cultural engagement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.