Childhood, Citizenship and the Anthropocene: Posthuman Publics and Civics

The planet is dying. Our earth’s climate has reached a point where it can no longer regulate itself. Fires, floods, and natural disasters are sweeping countries across the world. What does it mean to be a child citizen in the Anthropocene? Can we teach children a posthuman civics that can care for the more-than-human world?...

Understanding Games and Game Cultures

Digital games are one of the most significant media interfaces of contemporary life. Games today interweave with the social, economic, material, and political complexities of living in a digital age. But who makes games, who plays them, and what, how and where do we play? In this book Richardson, Hjorth and Davies explore the ways in which...

Digital Domesticity: Media, Materiality, and Home Life

The authors advance media domestication research through an ecology-based approach to the abundance and materiality of media in the home.

Religion, Hypermobility and Digital Media in Global Asia: Faith, Flows and Fellowship

Digital media is changing the ways in which religion is practiced, understood, proselytised and countered. Religious institutions and leaders use digital media to engage with their congregations who now are not confined to single locations and physical structures. The faithful are part of online communities which allow them a space to worship and to find...

Digital Media Practices in Households

This book ethnographically explores how households are being understood, articulated and defined by digital media practices.

Ambient Play

In Ambient Play, we examine how mobile gameplay fits into our day-to-day lives.

Digital Food: From Paddock to Platform

Lewis critically analyzes how our relationship to food consumption, production, and politics is being re-mediated through digitally connected electronic devices, practices and content.

Digital Media, Sharing and Everyday Life

Digital Media, Sharing and Everyday Life provides nuanced accounts of the processes of sharing in digital culture and the complexities that arise in them.

Netflix Nations: The Geography of Digital Distribution

This book examines how streaming services and internet distribution have transformed global television culture.

Authors Users and Pirates Book Cover

Authors, Users, and Pirates: Copyright Law and Subjectivity

James Meese reveals the messy, complex historical and sociological realities of copyright law lying underneath the overheated rhetoric of copyright stakeholders.

The Rise of Nerd Politics: Digital Activism and Political Change

Postill tracks the rise of techno-political 'nerds' as a new class of political brokers with growing influence.

Transnational Migrations in the Asia-Pacific

This edited collection interrogates the diversity of transnational migration experiences in the Asia-Pacific through the lens of digital ethnography.