Digital Ethnography Principles & Practice

Digital Ethnography Principles & Practice

This sharp, innovative book champions the rising significance of ethnographic research on the use of digital resources around the world. It contextualises digital and pre-digital ethnographic research and demonstrates how the methodological, practical and theoretical dimensions are increasingly intertwined.

Advances in Visual Methodology

Advances in Visual Methodology

Advances in Visual Methodology examines and introduces the cutting edge in using visual methods in social research.

Doing Sensory Ethnography

Doing Sensory Ethnography

This bold agenda-setting title continues to spearhead interdisciplinary, multisensory research into experience, knowledge and practice.Drawing on an explosion of new, cutting edge research Sarah Pink uses real world examples to bring this innovative area of study to life.


Wumen Bagung Bulletins

RMIT C4D Bulletin: Issue 1, June 2016

RMIT C4D Bulletin: Issue 2, December 2016

RMIT C4D Bulletin: Issue 3, July 2017

Articles/ Journals


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DERC fosters discussions and debates around digital ethnography through workshops, invited scholars program and publications. The first of these was a special issue of Media International Australia [Link:] published in November 2012. Contributions to the special issue included the following:

Rethinking ethnography: An introduction” by Heather Horst, Larissa Hjorth and Jo Tacchi

“Media ethnography and the disappearance of communication theory” by Virginia Nightingale

“Normativity and materiality: A view from digital anthropology” by Heather Horst and Daniel Miller

“The ethnographer as community manager: Language translation
and user negotiation” by Jonathan Hutchinson

“Social media ethnography: The digital researcher in a messy web” by John Postill and Sarah Pink

“Amateur photography as self-ethnography: China’s rural migrant workers and the question of digital-political literacy” by Wanning Sun

“Emplaced cartographies: Reconceptualising camera phone practices in an age of locative media” by Sarah Pink and Larissa Hjorth

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