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Thursday 4 August, 6 – 8pm

Brunswick Street Bookstore, 305 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


Please join DERC to celebrate the launch of our new publication, ‘Screen Ecologies’. The evening will be opened by RMIT Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice President, Professor Paul Gough.

Images of environmental disaster and degradation have become part of our everyday media diet. This visual culture focusing on environmental deterioration represents a wider recognition of the political, economic, and cultural forces that are responsible for our ongoing environmental crisis. Screen Ecologies examines the relationship of media, art, and climate change in the Asia-Pacific region—a key site of both environmental degradation and the production and consumption of climate-aware screen art and media.

Screen Ecologies shows how new media and visual artists provide alternative ways for understanding the entanglements of media and the environment in the Asia-Pacific. It investigates such topics as artists’ exploration of alternative ways to represent the environment; regional stories of media innovation and climate change; the tensions between amateur and professional art; the emergence of biennials, triennials, and new arts organizations; the theme of water in regional art; new models for networked collaboration; and social media’s move from private to public realms. A generous selection of illustrations shows a range of artist’s projects.


About the Authors

Larissa Hjorth is is Professor in the School of Media and Communications at RMIT

Sarah Pink is Professor in the School of Media and Communications at RMIT

Kristen Sharp is Senior Lecturer in the School of Art at RMIT

Linda Williams is Associate Professor in the School of Art at RMIT.


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