Mediating distance – how media challenge friendship relations

We depend more than ever on digital media for maintaining our social contacts, while we observe an increasing mobilisation of society, taking advantage of new technological developments. Media facilitates the management of different networks, but also increases a loss of spatiotemporal understanding and leads to group exclusion. In-depth biographical interviews with young professionals in Germany reveal their individual strategies to reconstruct and deconstruct friendship relations across geographical distances. Though managed by a variety of communication media, friendship relations are prone to change over time. This research project explores how communication media influences the definition and selection of friends, while on the other hand complicating becoming friends with new acquaintances.

Jeannine Teichert is a research associate at the Institute for Historic Journalism, Communication and Media Studies at Universität Bremen. She has a background in Journalism, Communication Studies, Media and Political Communication. She has studied in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and New Zealand. Since completing her Master of Arts, Jeannine has worked in various positions including in marketing, as a communication consultant, and as a lecturer.

Date: Tuesday 28 August
Time: 12:30 – 1:30pm
Venue: RMIT Courtroom 3, Building 20, Level 1, Room 7
*Bring your brown bag lunch

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