Dr Son Vivienne & Dr Lutfiye Ali each introduce their current research for the next in DERC’s Brown Bag Lunchtime Seminar Series.

In this presentation Son Vivienne presents an overview of ongoing research that examines the intersections between emergent gender categories and fluid, multiple digital identities. Non-binary gender identities pose a problem for international provision of education, health services and citizenship, and yet gender-diverse stories proliferate in a multitude of online spaces and are increasingly visible in mainstream media. Could the co-incidence of new ‘beyond-dualistic’ ways of being neither wholly male/female and online/offline, spell an end to finite and binary ways of being and doing gender?

Please join Lutfiye Ali for an informal presentation and conversations relating to identity, oppression and power arising from the intersections of our social identities. To facilitate this process, Lutfiye will draw on her personal narratives to contextualise and surface relations of power in her personal journey to academic and community-based research. More specifically, she will discuss the challenges of turning a gendered analytical lens onto her own identity and Muslim communities in an anti-Islamic context.

Date: Monday 20 August
Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm
Venue: RMIT Council Chamber, Building 1, Level 2, Room 17
*Bring your brown bag lunch

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Image: Lutfiye Ali (left), Son Vivienne (right)

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