On Wednesday 29 November DERC and the Technology, Communication and Policy Lab will host a half day symposium on ‘Digital Data and Automation in Everyday Life’.

The symposium seeks to raise a series of questions relating to existing data and automated technologies that are being used in everyday life contexts and the implications of this is for our more immediate and imagined futures.

Some of these issues, specifically from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities. It calls for an interrogation of the relationship between digital data and automation, the technological possibilities they create, the contingencies and forms of improvisation through which they are lived out, and a position about how we might intervene towards creating responsible and ethical automated data futures.



2pm             Introduction, Sarah Pink, RMIT University

2:10pm          Future-making ethnography practice, Sophia Maalsen, University of Sydney

2:30pm         Q&A

2:35pm         Online community management automative risks and opportunities: do we need mindful AI?, Venessa Paech

2:55pm          Q&A

3:00pm          Digital Data as Kipple: Searching for Aporia in Mundane Automation, John Lenarcic, RMIT University

3:20pm          Q&A

3:25pm          The life of slow data, Chuan Khoo, RMIT University

3:45pm          Q&A

3:50pm          “You just want to know if his little heart is beating”: Market discourses about baby wearables,

Donell Holloway, Edith Cowan University

4:10pm          Q&A

4:15pm          Pasts and futures of automated vehicles, Julian Thomas and Rowan Wilken, RMIT University

4:35pm          Q&A

4:40pm         Automated and Connected?: the real story of smartphones and cars in Latin America, Sarah Pink (RMIT University), Alex Gomes (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)Renata Zilse  (Samsung)

17:05              Q&A

*Following the Symposium visiting scholar, Professor  Evelyn Ruppert of Goldsmith’s University London will present on ‘The Crafting of Automation’  at 5:30pm

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