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DERC’s Sarah Pink will give a talk about the possibilities of autonomous driving at Monash’s SensiLab on 2 May 2018.

Autonomous Driving (AD, sometimes called self-driving) cars were the most hyped emerging technology in 2015. Yet while the science and technology, business and regulatory narratives describe the utopian and dystopian effects associated with AD and thus frequently predict and describe human futures, there is a dearth of research and little understanding of how diverse human lifestyles, experience, feelings and actions will be implicated in co-constituting these futures.

In this talk Sarah will present the Human Experiences and Expectations of Autonomous Driving (HEAD) project, based in Sweden, in which the group have brought together design anthropological, interaction design testing, netnography and video art to investigate human dimensions of AD futures. Sarah will explore how and why such approaches are necessary contributions to the making of ethical and responsible futures where new forms of automation, data and AI will participate in our everyday lives.

This forum will take place on Wednesday 2 May at 3pm in G119 Deep Immersion. You can attend in person (no booking required) or livestream (link will be available below).


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