Anoushka Benbow-BuitenhuisPhD Member

Anoushka Benbow-Buitenhuis is a PhD candidate in the School for Global, Urban and Social Studies. Her thesis is titled ‘Towards a Critical Understanding of Luxury Commodity Culture in Contemporary Contexts’. Her doctoral thesis presents a return to the study of consumption as symbolic and aims to problematise luxury by examining the wider social forces at play, such as worsening wealth inequality worldwide. Although the project is mostly theoretical, a small empirical qualitative case study based in Melbourne has been undertaken to assist our understanding of why middle-class individuals may participate in luxury commodity culture. Anoushka is a postgraduate member of the Centre for Applied Social Research and the Centre for Urban Research’s Beyond Behavior Change working group. She is also a member of The Australian Sociological Association. Her supervisors are Associate Professor Kim Humphery and Dr Yolande Strengers.

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