Annette N. MarkhamDERC Co-Director

Professor Annette N. Markham is Co-Director of DERC and Director of the DERC HDR (Higher Degree by Research, or PhD) programs. Annette joined RMIT in 2020 from Aarhus University in Denmark where she was a Professor with Special Responsibilities in the department of Information Studies and Digital Design. Professor Markham is internationally recognised for developing epistemological frameworks for rethinking ethics and research methods for digitally-saturated social contexts. A long-time member of the internet research community, Annette conducts ethnographic studies and arts-based interventions to critically explore how identity, relationships, and cultural formations are constructed in and influenced by digitally saturated socio-technical contexts.

Her ethnographic studies of identity practices and cultural formations through digital media are well represented in her pioneering book Life Online: Researching real experience in virtual space (1998, Alta Mira). Her more recent research focuses on critical approaches to algorithms and datafication, speculative methods for building better ethical futures, data literacy and critical pedagogy, and rhetorical analysis of human-machine communication through automated, algorithmic systems. Her writing can be found in numerous books and articles. She is founder and director of the Museum of Random Memory arts-based digital literacy initiative, the annual Skagen Institute for developing creative and transgressive methods, and the international Future Making Research Consortium. She most recently launched STEEM, an international Centre for the Study of Technological, Emerging, and Ethical Methods, with Co-Director Pablo Velasco at Aarhus University.

Professor Markham is originally from the U.S and earned her PhD in organisational communication and interpretive research methodologies from Purdue University. She holds bachelor and master degrees in human communication studies.

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