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    Belinda Glover is a tutor and a gender activist from Ghana. She taught at Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), African University College of Communications (AUCC) and Knutsford University respectively after the completion of her Master’s Degree.

    She was first trained as a Business Administrator and later as a Communication and Development expert as well as Gender activist. She has taught classes such as Elements of Mass Communication, Development Communication, Development Theory, Gender and Development as well as Media and Gender. She has also supervised four documentaries and two are completed while the other two are under review which are on gender and development communication. She was a panelist on both radio and television to discuss gender and other topical issues.

    Belinda is the owner and publisher of a new work in progress publication called Feminist & Gender Africa (FGA) magazine which writes extensively on feminism, gender and the minority groups in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

    Belinda is interested in ethnography research and has written a chapter on “ethnography research methods” in Ohio University and hopes to use the same method in her current study. She is currently a student at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and her research area is on revenge pornography/nonconsensual image sharing.

    M.A. Ohio University, Athens, United States of America, 2012 (Communication and Development)
    B.A. University of Professional Studies (UPSA), Accra, 2009 (Business Administration).
    Certificate Ohio University, Athens, United States of America, 2013 (Women and Gender Studies)

    Glover, B. (2013). Visual Ethnography In Research Handbook for Communication & Development: For CommDevers by CommDevers (pp. 16-20) Athens, OH: Community Research Alliance.

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