Elizabeth de FreitasResearch Affiliate

    Elizabeth de Freitas is a Professor in the Education and Social Research Institute and co-director of the Biosocial Laboratory for Research on Learning and Behavior, at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research has been funded by the Canada Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council, The Toronto Arts Council, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada, and the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Education. She has published 5 books and over 50 chapters and articles in a range of areas, including gesture studies, media studies, material semiotics, discourse studies, narrative inquiry, and curriculum studies. She writes extensively on social science research methodology, exploring alternative ways of engaging with data, developing experimental and speculative research methods. She is lead editor of a number of recent journal special issues – The Computational Turn in Education Research (RiE, 2017), Thinking with Spinoza about Education (EPAT, Fall 2018), and Science and Technology Studies x Educational Studies (ES, Fall 2017).  Recent article publications on digital methods include: The temporal fabric of research method (2017); Non-human findings from the laboratory of speculative sociology (2017); Calculating matter and recombinant subjects (2017); The new empiricism of the fractal fold (2016); Material encounters and media events (2016); Video data and the time-image (2015); Assembling the posthuman subject (2015).​

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