Ellie RennieDERC Co-Director, Member of Technology, Communication and Policy Lab

Associate Professor Ellie Rennie is a Principal Research Fellow in the School of Media and Communication. She investigatees the social consequences of technological change, and is currently focused on digital inclusion and automation/blockchain. Her approach involves mixed methods, often in collaboration with data scientists, anthropologists, sociologists and economists.

She is Chief Investigator of the ARC Linkage project the Dynamics of Digital Inclusion, working with industry partner One Education (2016-2017), and is leading a project on cyber safety in remote Aboriginal communities for Telstra, among other projects. Her book publications include: Using Media for Social Innovation (Intellect, 2018, co-authored with Aneta Podkalicka); Internet on the Outstation: The digital divide and remote Aboriginal communities (multi-authored with industry partners, Institute for Network Cultures, 2016), Life of SYN: A Story of the Digital Generation (Monash University Press, 2011); and, Community Media: A Global Introduction (Rowman & Littlefield, 2006).

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