Héctor Puente Bienvenido2014 Visiting Fellow, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), Sociology Department.

Héctor Puente Bienvenido (Madrid, 1987) is Research Assistant and PhD candidate at Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), Sociology Department. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology (with honours) and a Master´s Degree in Methodology of Research in Social Sciences. Since 2009 he has carried out research on game studies and game culture, cultural emergence in video games, players, styles of play and applied methodology of research (virtual ethnography). He has been visiting Scholar in Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech, USA) and IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark). He will be visiting DERC in early 2014. You can find his profile athttp://ucm.academia.edu/H%C3%A9ctorPuenteBienvenido. Contact:hector.puentebienvenido@gmail.com.

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