Jacina LeongPhD Member

Jacina Leong is an artist-curator. Over the past decade, she has worked in hybrid new media spaces, universities, national and international festivals, regional museums and galleries, libraries and schools—to vision, develop, and deliver a diverse range of transdisciplinary engagement programs, via highly collaborative, experimental and site-responsive processes. Most recently, Jacina was curator for Robotronica (Brisbane), project lead and founding member of the Guerrilla Knowledge Unit (Brisbane & Linz), guest facilitator of the Future Innovators Summit (Ars Electronica Tokyo Initiative), and co-curator of the provocation, Curating In The Age of Automation (Doing Digital Methods: Interdisciplinary Interventions, RMIT & Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto). She is currently a PhD candidate in the College of Design & Social Context, School of Media and Communications, at RMIT University. Her research explores critical, creative and careful curatorial approaches to social innovation practices.

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