Janice McLaughlinResearch Affiliate

    Janice McLaughlin is Professor of Sociology at Newcastle University, in the UK, where she has previously been Head of the Sociology Subject Area and Executive Director of the Policy, Ethics and  Life Sciences Research Centre. Her research is centred on childhood disability, studying the varied different social, institutional and intimate worlds disabled children negotiate and are positioned within. A number of projects have examined themes such as medical diagnostic practice, stigma and normalisation, family life, embodiment and rights and citizenship. The projects have been based in collaborations with disabled children and young people, organisations that support them and other academics. Together we have increasingly explored creative methods such as artefact making, photographic journals and storytelling. We don’t approach such tools as more authentic for working with children and young people; instead we see them as helpful for capturing the ways in which we are all situated within meanings and values that inform our identities. Her most recent monograph (with Edmund Coleman-Fountain and Emma Clavering) is Disabled Childhoods: Monitoring Difference and Emerging Identities (Routledge 2016). Recent articles (including ones exploring and drawing from creative practice) are in Qualitative ResearchMedical HumanitiesSocial Science and Medicine and Sociology.


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