Kathi R. KitnerResearch Affiliate

Kathi R. Kitner, a cultural anthropologist and Senior Research Scientist with Intel Labs’ since 2006, is interested in how social histories and cultural constructs (e.g., class and gender) act as a conduit for different types of emerging technology usage and adoption.  Her work spans cultures and geographies, from Mexico to Chile, Indonesia to India, South Africa to South Carolina, and has explored the intersections of new technologies and media in both rural and urban settings. She is currently involved in studies of how increasing instrumentation/digitization (the Internet of Things) is changing work practices and offering new potential solutions to environmental challenges such as flooding, food production, and the effects of climate change.  Previous to working at Intel Corporation, she focused on social impact assessments in the United States and Caribbean fishing communities. Kitner holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Latin American Studies from the University of Florida. 

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