Lutfiye AliResearch Fellow

Lutfiye (PhD, BA (Hons.) VicMelb) is a Research Fellow at the Digital Ethnography Research Centre. She is working on an ARC project titled ‘Interfaith Arts, community and belonging at with Prof. Anna Hickey-Moody. Her areas of research interest include social identity, community making and belonging among racialised and ethnicised identities. These sit within the context of Australian multicultural social relations, informed by current and historical global relations of power. A major focus of her research explores the complexity and the diverse ways in which identity among Muslim women, migrant and second generation Australians are negotiated at the intersections of gender, culture, religion and race. This research draws on Third World and postmodern feminist theories. Formerly, Lutfiye was a Health Promotion Policy Coordinator at Womens Health West and a Lecturer in Psychology at Victoria University.


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