Martin Berg2015 Visiting Fellow, Halmstad University, Sweden

Martin Berg is a Senior Lecturer at the  Swedish Centre for Applied Cultural Analysis at Halmstad University, Sweden. He has undertaken corporate post-doctoral research in the creative industries with a particular focus on the mediatization of everyday life. Currently, he is involved in two international research projects that focus on body monitoring, processes of automation and the tensions between academic scholarship and applied research. His area of expertise lies in the fields of digital ethnography, netnography and the interrelationship between online forms of power and the social dynamics of everyday life.


Associate Professor of sociology (Halmstad University, 2015)

Doctor of Philosophy in sociology (Lund University, 2008)

Master of Social sciences in sociology/cultural studies (Lund University, 2003)

Master of Theology in social sciences of religion (Lund University, 2002)

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