Narmala HalsteadResearch Affiliate
Narmala Halstead is an anthropologist with regional expertise on Guyana, the Caribbean diaspora and migrant localities in New York. She has also conducted research on migrants in London and on Portuguese migrants in Wales, UK. Her work included a project on different sites of publicness and personhood. Her research explores belonging, cultural change and violence, spanning everyday accounts as well as larger issues on ‘open borders’, global citizenship and the state. Her work has developed insights on people’s encompassment of foreign identities as forms of inhabiting the ‘centre’ which also engage with and shift notions of alternative modernity.Her work has explored cultural displays by those who also had non-distinctive identities and considered issues of status, identity and forms of socio-political violence in various settings. She is currently developing a project on cities, digital technologies, citizenship and belonging which draws on her work in media anthropology. She has also carried out work on skype technology and belonging.

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