Ramon Lobato

Ramon Lobato is Senior Research Fellow with the Technology, Communication and Policy Lab at DERC. A media industries researcher, he has a special interest in video distribution, and has written widely on piracy and informal media markets. Ramon’s books include Shadow Economies of Cinema (British Film Institute, 2012), The Informal Media Economy (Polity 2015, with Julian Thomas), Geoblocking and Global Video Culture (INC, 2016, with J Meese), Netflix Nations (New York University Press, 2019) and more than 40 book chapters and articles. With Amanda Lotz and Stuart Cunningham at QUT, Ramon currently leads an Australian Research Council Discovery Project investigating the impact of subscription video-on-demand services in national media markets. In 2020, he will commence a four-year ARC Future Fellowship project on content discoverability in the age of smart TVs.

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