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Dr Shanti Sumartojo is a Research Fellow in the School of Media and Communications. She investigates the relationship between place and identity, specifically how the designed, discursive and experiential aspects of our surroundings affect us. She has published work in three main areas: public memorials and war commemoration, including a co-edited book on the politics of First World War remembrance (2014); art in public space, including collaborating on new multi-media public installations in Canberra and Melbourne; and collective spatial experience understood through the frame of ‘atmosphere’. In addition to ongoing work on global First World War commemoration and memorials, current projects include a suite of ethnographic investigations into how people experience the ‘feel’ of designed environments, including their digital and automated aspects; creative practice projects as a means to research urban public space and collectivity; and how ‘assemblages’ of creativity shape innovation and entrepreneurship.



Design for Wellbeing: Bendigo Hospital (2016 -2018)

Queen Victoria Market: Intangible Assets (2017)

The Exchange at Knowledge Market (2017 -2018)




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Architecture, Human Geography, Sociology, Urban and Regional Planning, Performing Arts and Creative Writing, Art Theory and Criticism


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