Shaun WilsonStaff Member

Shaun Wilson is an artist, film maker, writer and curator who focuses on the relationships between memory and place. One of the key aspects of his work is to understand how memories can affect the places we inhabit and move through but moreover, how the recording and historisation of memory can change, or be ‘forgotten’ over time by way of selective editing. Wilson plays out these ideas through miniatures, video art, and slow cinema to examine how our sense of memory and history can change according to the mode by which we articulate its delivery. He has exhibited widely internationally including key exhibitions including the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Museum of Contemporary Art Fenosa Union, National Museum of Fine Arts Moscow, and the Seattle Centre on Contemporary Art. He holds a PhD from the University of Tasmania (2005) and is Senior Lecturer in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University.

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