Stefan SchuttResearch Affiliate

Stefan Schutt is an Honorary Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing, Victoria University, Melbourne, and a former Research Program Leader. Stefan’s research interests revolve around the everyday uses of digital technologies. He is particularly interested in the intersection of technology, belonging and identity. Stefan is the founder of a number of award-winning community technology projects and is co-founder of The Lab (, a national network of technology clubs for young people with high-functioning autism. A ‘ghost sign’ and local history aficionado, Stefan is the creator of the Lewis & Skinner online signwriting document archive: Other current involvements include Chief Investigator of two national technology and disability research projects, co-owner of virtual roleplay startup vPlay, innovation mentor for digital agency HeathWallace and deputy board chair of the Reservoir Neighbourhood House. In previous lives Stefan  worked as an Internet producer, coder, interaction designer and project manager, and before that as a copywriter and musician. He also established and ran Australia’s first Computer Clubhouse, an international skills initiative for disadvantaged young people. Stefan’s PhD at RMIT’s Centre for Animation and Interactive Media involved the creation of a web-based system for the publishing and sharing of life stories.

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