Supriya SinghMember

Supriya Singh is Professor, Sociology of Communications at the Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University. Her work focuses on how communication and money shape each other. She has researched this in the areas of banking, migration, the transnational family and the user centred design of information and communication technologies. Her current projects involve the ethnographic study of the use of Bitcoin (with Heather Horst, Greg Adamson and Alexia Maddox) and money, gender and family violence (with Marg Liddell, Elena Campbell and Jasvinder Sidhu). She also co-leads the Asia@RMIT initiative at RMIT University. Her books include Money, Migration and Family: India to Australia (forthcoming), Globalization and Money: A Global South Perspective (2013), Marriage Money: The Social Shaping of Money in Marriage and BankingThe Bankers: Australia’s Leading Bankers Talk about Banking TodayBank Negara Malaysia: The First 25 Years, 1959-1984 and On the Sulu Sea.

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