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Tania Lewis is Deputy Dean of Research and Innovation and an Associate Professor in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. An ex medical practitioner, her research focuses broadly on questions of lifestyle, sustainability and consumption, and on global media cultures. Her books include Smart Living: Lifestyle Media and Popular Expertise, and Telemodernities: Television and Transforming Lives in Asia, co-authored with Fran Martin and Wanning Sun. She is also a co-author (with Sarah Pink et al) of Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practices and editor and co-editor of 4 collections with Routledge, TV Transformations, Ethical Consumption, Green Asia and Lifestyle Media in Asia. She is a chief investigator on the ARC discovery project, ‘Ethical Consumption: From the Margins to the Mainstream’ and on the three-year project ‘Work-life ecologies: lifestyle, sustainability, practices’, funded by RMIT’s Sustainable Urban Precincts Project. She is also currently conducting research on household digital media practices for KPMG.


The rise of ethical consumption in Australia: from the margins to the mainstream. Funded by:ARC Discovery 2013 from (2013 to 2015)

The role of lifestyle television in transforming culture, citizenship and selfhood: Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore and India. Administered by The University of Melbourne. Funded by: ARC Discovery Projects via other University pre-2014 from (2010 to 2013)



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Research Interests

Communication and Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Education Systems, Specialist Studies in Education, Sustainability and urban futures, Ethical consumption and sustainable lifestyles, Urban farming, Food cultures, Food and media, Digital and media methods, South East Asian media cultures, Sustainability and South East Asia, Ordinary expertise, Green citizenship, Theories of individualization and life politics, Class, gender and lifestyle, Interdisciplinary creative projects





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