Tara PageResearch Affiliate

    Tara Page is an artist researcher teacher and is the Director of the Centre for Arts and Learning and the Art Practice and Learning PhD programme at Goldsmiths University of London, UK leading the practice research collaborations of an interdisciplinary team of practitioners, researchers and pedagogues. Tara’s praxis explores the entanglements of making and learning place and belonging underpinned with new materialist theories using embodied and material practice research methods. The importance of ‘where’ to who we are and how we are and how both the presence and absence of matter teaches us, where pedagogy is conceived as an open, continuously made and remade praxis that is embodied, emplaced, material, generative, emancipatory and enables social and educational change. Tara brings creative philosophy together with practice and theory advancing new ways of understanding the cultural politics of making, objects and events and how materials, processes, pedagogies and theory can enable the questioning and disruption of many forms of dominance that exist in our society. For public outputs see academia.edu

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