Vaike Fors2015 Visiting Fellow, Halmstad University, Sweden

    Vaike Fors is Senior Lecturer in pedagogy and a researcher at the Swedish centre for applied and social analysis (SCACA) at Halmstad University, Sweden. Vaike’s research focuses on how everyday uses of media participate in the mundane and embodied ways people make sense of the world. She has undertaken studies of teenagers’ uses of photo-based web logs and the experiences, routes to knowing and pedagogy generated through these practices. Currently, she is involved in an international research project dealing with the social implications of digital body monitoring and life logging technologies. She is also part of an emerging project on processes of automation in collaboration with industry partners. Her key areas of expertise are in the fields of digital, visual and sensory ethnography, with a focus on the pedagogical implications of everyday media practices for informal learning settings, such as museums and science centres.

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