Wendy GunnAdjunct Professor

Wendy Gunn is Senior Research Fellow, Research [x] Design Research Group, Faculty of Engineering Science, Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium. She was awarded a Senior Research Fellowship from KU Leuven Research Council to collaborate with Prof Ann Heylighen (architecture) and Prof Dirk Saelens (building physics). The research seeks to leverage scientific research involving patients’ sensorial experience and perceptual acuity to inform future design of measurement experiments towards improving indoor air quality within hospital healthcare settings. Her research has involved the co-design of the research framework for the wider research project: An Anthropological Inquiry by Means of Design Towards Improving Indoor Air Quality Within Hospital Settings, and a pilot study Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies and Methods in Data Collection of Air Quality (Measured and Perceived) within Hospital Healthcare Settings. As a researcher, she has cross-disciplinary expertise in architecture, anthropology and design and significant experience of conducting collaborative research as part of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary design teams involving both the private and public sectors. Central to her research is a close connection between theory and practice, research and teaching.


Selected publications

Gunn, W., Saelens, D., Heylighen, A (in preparation). Studying perceived and measured air quality within hospital environments: A review of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and methods. Gunn, W. (in press). Collaborative Forms. In: Bunn, S (ed), Anthropology and Beauty: From Aesthetics to Creativity. London: Routledge. Clausen, C and Gunn, W. 2015. From the social shaping of technology to the staging of temporary spaces of participatory innovation- A case of participatory innovation. In Williams, R, Liff, S. and Winskel, M (eds), The Politics of Innovation for Environmental Sustainability: Celebrating the Contribution of Stewart Russell (1955–2011): Second Part, Science & Technology Studies, Vol. 28 (1), pp.73-94. Gunn, W and Løgstrup, L. B. 2014. Participatory observation, anthropology methodology and design anthropology research inquiry. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 13 (4) pp. 428-442. Gunn, W and Donovan, J. Eds. 2016 (2012). Design and Anthropology. Anthropological Studies of Creativity and Perception, vol. 5. London: Routledge. Gunn, W, Otto, T and Smith, R.C. Eds. 2013. Design Anthropology: Theory and Practice. London: Bloomsbury Academic. Gunn, W. Ed. 2009. Fieldnotes and Sketchbooks: Challenging the boundaries between Descriptions and Processes of Describing. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Gunn, W. 2006. Learning within the workplaces of artists, anthropologists and architects: Making stories for drawings and writings. In Grasseni, C (ed), Skilled Vision: Between Apprenticeship and Standards. Berghahn Books: Oxford, pp. 106-125.

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