Yee Man LouiePhD member

    Yee Man Louie is a member of the Technology, Communication and Policy Lab.  She commenced her PhD candidature in mid-2017, after completing her Bachelor of Arts (Youth Affairs) and Graduate Diploma in Behavioural Science at RMIT University and recently Masters in Applied Social Research at Deakin University.  Her PhD research explores the role of technology plays in the experiences of, and responses to, domestic/intimate partner violence from the perspective of ethnic Chinese immigrant and refugee women in Australia.  It will use intersectionality as an analytic tool to better understand how social locations and other elements shape their experiences of domestic/intimate partner violence.

    Her other research interests include youth homelessness, digital and social inclusion and social inequality.  Yee Man is a domestic violence media advocate, and when she is not working on her PhD she likes to read, and ponder over, topics such as resilience, human-technology interaction, the cosmic and the meaning of life.

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