Marissa Willcox

Marissa was a PhD candidate in DERC. Her research looks at how feminist and queer Instagram artists use social media to create belonging. She has published a co authored book, 3 book chapters and 2 journal articles. As a research and teaching sessional at RMIT, Marissa has worked for Professor Hickey-Moody as a research assistant and project manager on the Interfaith Childhoods project, for Professor Annette Markham on the Massive and Microscopic Sense Making project and provided research assistance across various other projects within the Digital Ethnography Research Centre. Marissa’s research interests are; gender, sexuality, decolonial feminism, youth, social media, new materialism, and belonging.


Arts-Based Methods for Research with Children

“Flying soccer balls that are ice-cream factories inside, cars with wings, mobile recycling plants, streets that are rivers. These are the inventions children have offered up to Hickey-Moody. This is...